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2006 Friday 29 September

Farmers in the Caspian region of Iran clash with regime’s disciplinary forces

On Friday, September 15th Iran Press News received the below report which has since been updated:

According to activists in Iran, tension between rural residents in the Awmol area and government disciplinary forces has intensified. Iran Press News received the following e-mail:

"The Islamic regime has forcefully usurped 50 hectares of land belonging to farmers from the village of Kamdarreh in order to build their Ayatollah Amelie University. The brutal security forces have so far arrested more than 250 people from the village among them women and children. In order to suppress the locals, the guards have taken to lobbing tear gas at the locals, firing their rifles off randomly and beating people with their nightsticks. In order to track down protestors, the guards have begun conducting house-to-house searches, kicking doors down, they enter without permission. They brutally attack and beat the residents of the houses and break everything in sight, including windows of the house, and mercilessly brutalize women. They have cut off the water and electricity of the village. All the residents have been arrested and sent to prison and every day the number of detainees increases. Not one man in sight... they've all been arrested or have fled to big cities or the nearby forests for fear of their lives. Most of their houses have been totally destroyed, forcing them to go to stay with relatives in neighboring villages. Now all financial responsibilities of the family are left on the shoulders of the women. All those around the world whose gaze has become fixed on the issues of Lebanon should also look at the story of Kamdarreh. They (the Islamic regime) have even bulldozed the land that was under cultivation by the local farmers."

Updated on Wednesday, Sept. 27th
At least 30 farmers have been arrested
1- Ghodrat Majidi
2- Hassan Majidi
3- Aienollah Navaii
4- Hossein Navaii
5- Farz-Ali Zareh
6- Yaar- Ali Mohseni
7- Gheeyos Gheeyosi
8- Bakhsh-Ali Babatabar
9- Hedayat Saify
10- Rouhollah Maleki
11-Hemmat Maleki
12-Abbas Babatabar
13-Vaheed Hezaar-Jaribi
14-Akbar Maleki
15-Faramrz Moradi
16-Ayatollah Youssefi
17-Zabihullah Maleki

In addition, the below people have been sent warnings:

1- Ali Mohseni
2- Farajollah Saify
3- Ayatollah Majidi
4- Hossein Majidi
5- Jafar Navaii
6- Bahman Babatabar
7- Dodollah Maleki
8- Mousa Maleki
9- Nasrollah Navaii

The regime’s security forces in one of the home-invasions of one of the locals, Aienollah Navaii severe beat him and his family and took him away to an unknown location; there is no word on his whereabouts or whether he is still indeed alive. The regime’s agents broke all the windows and doors, as well as everything else in Navaii’s house.

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