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2006 Thursday 25 May

Anti-regime slogans in the protest gathering of students in Tehran University campus

According to the received reports, on Tuesday night, May 23rd, in an attack on the Tehran university student dorms located on Amir Abad Street, vigilantes hirelings of the Islamic regime assaulted large number of students; many were injured. Some of them are in critical condition.

Following the termination of several of the top professors and members of the social sciences facaulty, the students gathered for a protest; however around approximately midnight, of Tuesday night gangs of armed and vicious Basij vigilantes and murderous revolutionary guards attacked the college campuses and proceeded to set fire to the student dorms as well as the students’ belonging. They also began to physically assault and beat the students with bats and clubs.

The Students residing in the dorm had retired for the night and were mostly asleep when that attackers poured into the building and were taken off guard; many began to escape from the campus in their nightgowns and pajamas.

Shortly after the attack, at 1 am, students gathered on the campus to protest the attack and began to chant anti-regime slogans.

The angry students chanted:

Freedom, freedom, our inalienable right, nuclear energy is the regime’s “craft”.

System of supremacy must be abolished, Khamenei the supreme leader should be executed.

Kabul yesterday, today Baghdad, Tehran tomorrow

We want neither Sheikh nor mullah, we curse the Spirit of Ruhollah [Khomeini]

“What, what are the use of your slogans, we want justice, water and bread

Death to dictators

Death on the Islamic Republic

Student dies, does not accept disgrace

Students also referred to recent demonstration of their fellow students in cities around the Azerbaijan province and chanted: "Tabrizi, Tabrizi, we stand behind you..."

The regime’s fear and horror of the formation of nightly student and popular uprisings, caused the regime to disconnect all cellular communications networks in many parts of Tehran city, including Revolution Avenue, the location of the University of Tehran, North Amir Abad, Yoosef Abad and Vanak Square; this was meant to cut the connection between students and protestors so that security forces can continue their violent sweep around Tehran.

According to reports, the residents of the Amir Abad district, especially around the university campus, hearing the sound of shooting and armed conflict gathered around the Tehran university campus, in order to assist the students in opening the gates of the university to rescue students caught under the the attack of the Basij vigilantes; however oppressive forces stationed in the alley took to throwing tear gas and using electrical nightsticks in order to disburse the crowd and the students.

According to witnesses, dozens of students and people, during the raid regime officials were arrested.

Also according to students, the regime’s vigilantes, in addition to the devastating the student dorms took to stealing and looting what little belongings the students had. The administrative and academic groups of Tehran University, could not be reached for more information; the regime fearing further
widespread protests, announed that they will keep the university "semi-closed" on Wednesday.

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