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2006 Wednesday 02 August

18 "spy" Israeli shot in the south Lebanon

The Islamic regime-run news agency ILNA’s reported: "18 Israeli spies, from the port city of SOOR, located in southern Lebanon were executed. The German News Agency reported that those executed by a firing squad were accused [by Hezbollah malitia] of espionage for Israel. According to the report in the German press, the foreign nationals who had were boarding ships organized for their evacuation from Lebanon, were present at the time of the executions. Dr. Boris Bok, a Munich physicians told the German media that he witnessed a number of the Lebanese resistance fighters [who opposed Hezbollah] be charged with aiding the Israelis in air strikes and were therefore brought to the firing squads. The German physician and other German nationals who were transferred from Lebanon to Cyprus clearly stated that they saw everything as it happened; the witnesses said that the people who were executed had also divulged location of the houses of the Hezbollah terrorists to the Israeli air force.”

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