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2006 Thursday 10 August

A report on the financial and armament assistance offered to Hezbollah by the Mullahs

This report has been sent to Iran Press News by a reliable insider of the Islamic regime who wishes to remain anonymous: “As someone who has for years been involved in the financial and armaments dealings of the Islamic regime with the Lebanese branch of Hezbollah, I felt I should impart some of the reliable information. Between the years 2003 and 2004 the equivalent of six billion dollars of income from oil sales went missing and it was not clear how and in what way it had been spent. After complaints about this matter intensified, in the private meetings of the Islamic regime’s parliament (known as Majles) it was announced that ‘that sum had been set aside as a cash reserve for emergency situations’. But soon after it came to light that at the order of Mr. Khamenei, $1.5 billion from the total amount had been allotted for buying advanced and modern weapons for the Lebanese Hezbollah. This amount was poured into an account at the MEAB Bank (bank Middle East and Africa). So far as I personally know this is a violation of the Security Council Resolution 1373 of the United Nations in the ban on aid to organizations that are on the U.N. terrorist list. It is for this reason that the regime’s officials have repeatedly denied this issue. But if it is proven that the Security Council Resolution 1373 had been violated and the Lebanese Hezbollah had in fact been helped, it can have very serious repercussions for the regime. The regime gave away and gifted billions of dollars to the Lebanese Hezbollah, which I witnessed with my own two eyes but then, in 2004 the regime’s own interior ministry put out an official report that had been prepared for the authorities of the regime that clearly stated that more than 40 million unlucky people in Iran live under the poverty line. (Hamid-Reza Taraghi, the manager of the MOTALEHFEH political party referring to this report in a February 2004 Jaam’eh-Jam newspaper report, clarified the information and said that in fact the correct statistic was forty-two million people rather than 40 million living under the poverty line). Hundreds of thousands of educated Iranian youths are unemployed due to lack of sufficient funding for programs to create job opportunities or are not employed in jobs that by no means meet their standard of education. Hundreds of villages and towns and big cities of Iran are deprived of urban facilities such as water pipelines, gas and electricity. Refurbishing roads all over the country, according to officials, will cost all of a half of that $1.5 billion that was gifted to the Lebanese. The health and medical care conditions in the country can even be sorted out with this same amount. The deteriorating and non-functional foundations of the country’s old telecom system to the chaotic and erratic mobile phone and Internet networks can most definitely be repaired with this amount. While these and thousands of other cases are in dire need of resolving and budgeting, Mr. Khamenei continues to siphon of our money to send money and arms to the Lebanese Hezbollah.”


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