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2006 Sunday 22 October

Minister of Islamic culture and guidance confesses to people’s widespread opposition to the regime

Iran Press News: Revolutionary guard-cum-minister of Islamic culture and guidance, Saffar Harandi, confessed to the Iranian people’s widespread opposition to the Islamic Republic and cited the Saturday, October 7th riots in Tehran as an example of the hundreds of such protest movements against the regime.

On Sunday, October 15th Harandi speaking at the public mosque of Baagh’eh Fayz, referred to the riots that took place while the revolutionary guards attack on the house of anti-regime Ayatollah Kazemeini-Boroujerdi and said: "In the guise of a clergyman, they elevate some guy who then goes on to claim that he has nothing to do with politics . Then he starts collecting supporters and when the regime demands an answer, he audaciously says that he will stand up to us; his supporters take over the neighborhood. This is only one out of hundreds of such examples [of unrest]."

Harandi then went on to confess to Hassan Nasrollah’s devotion to Khamenei’s and his promotion of combative policies of the Islamic Republic in the region; he said, "Hassan Nasrollah says that I have been inspired by the Seyyed2[Khamenei] sitting in Tehran.”

1. Kazemeini-Boroujerdi has continually called for the separation of religion and government and has proclaimed that in the true rule of Shiite no cleric is permitted to be involved in political matters and that he must be nothing more than a spiritual guide.

2. Seyyed a title for a descendant of the family of Mohammad

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