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2006 Tuesday 21 November

Several activists from the women’s suffrage movement summoned to revolutionary court

Iran Press News: Advaar News, the news source from the office of Fostering Unity (Tahkim Vahdat)* reported: On Monday morning, November 20th, Parvin Ardalan, Nousheen Ahmadi-Khorasani, Fariba Davoodi-Mohajer and Shahla Entesari, four of the activists from the women's suffrage movement and human rights defenders in Iran,were summoned to the Tehran revolutionary court.

This summons was issued via branch 14 of the revolutionary court’s investigative part as a follow up to the previous summons that were issued as a inquisition of the peaceful women’s gathering and protest that took place on June 12th this year.

* The Office of Fostering Unity, known in Farsi as Tahkim Vahdat, is the largest student organization in Iran. It was formed to support the rule of Ruhollah Khomeini. Over the years Tahkim Vahdat became one of the most vocal critics of hardliners in Iran and during the Khatami presidency promoted a pro-reformist stance. Since the failure of the so-called reformists, at present the organization works to promote secularism, though many of its governing members are "nationalist religionists", meaning that they believe in the separation of religion and state though they remain faithful to Islam as their religion.

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