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2006 Tuesday 21 November

Islamic punishment-500 prisoners in 70-person capacity room

Iran Press News: The Baztab defense website reported:

Director of the organization of prisons, Ali-Akbar Yasawghi confesses: “Craming 500 people in a 70 person capacity space is unjust! The Qoran says that Islamic punishment adds vitality, dynamism and prosperity to the society, while the worst pressure during imprisonment does not obtain such results. We do not act on the canons of imprisonment conveyed by the Qoran. The current form of imprisonment is an advent of the western civilization (!) and it only promotes mental problems that leads to social bondage and the enfeeblement of the family structure. The national legislators, judges, [Islamic] elites and experts should try to treat detention in it’s most logical way. If things are to continue in the current manner, enforcing the current prison sentences with the current volumes will require more prison space. Craming 500 convicted people in a 70 person capacity space is unjust! The government should help to reconstruct dilapidated and low capacity prisons, helping to create more space that is condusive to a more humane environment- an Islamic environment that is acceptable.”

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