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2007 Friday 02 February

Rafsanjani’s arrest warrant: Argentine attorney general meets with the secretary-general of Interpol

According to regime-run news agency Fars, the ministry of foreign affairs of Argentina once again summoned the Islamic regime’s charge d’affairs in connection with the 1994 deadly explosion in Buenos Aires.

Argentine newspaper Clarin wrote that on Monday, January 29th, the foreign ministry summoned Mohsen Baharvand, the Islamic republic’s charge d’affairs to Buenos Aires and clearly conveyed to him that the judiciary of the Islamic regime will be expected to cooperate in the execution of a warrant that was drawn up for the arrest of a number of the Islamic republic officials including Hashemi Rafsanjani who are charged with being instrumental in masterminding and organizing said bombing.

Baharvand was summoned after the Argentine attorney general’s return from his trip to Lyon, France where meetings with the secretary-general of INTERPOL (International Police) had taken place. During those meetings a plan for the international arrest warrant had been drawn up.

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