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2007 Friday 02 February

Armed clashed in the province of Esfahan; Islamic regime disciplinary agents killed

Regime-run news sources reported that in the course of an armed conflict in the province of Esfahan which occurred on Wednesday, January 31st, at least ten members of the regime’s disciplinary guards and Basiji forces were killed.

In the armed conflict which took place in the Samirom township, thirteen of the regime’s forces were injured and four of the armed men were also killed.

The Islamic regime’s commander, Mokhtari, described the armed men as smugglers and said: “In this conflict, 6 of our men and 4 of the members of the Basiji auxiliary forces killed and 13 others were severely wounded. During this armed conflict that lasted 18 hours, 4 drug smuggler were also killed."

According to Mokhtari, the armed men who are said to be from the province of Sistan-Baluchestan were equipped with heavy weapons. The Islamic regime continues to label anti-regime groups that take to confronting the regime as drug smugglers whereas smuggling in Iran is a business that is always facilitated by the regime itself as many of the guards and regime insiders who enjoy the protection of the high ranking members of Islamic republic are invovled in drug tafficking.

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