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2007 Friday 02 February

Rafsanjani’s gang members attack Ahmadinejad

A member of Rafsanjani’s “gang”, Hossein Marashi attacked Ahmadinezhad and said: “The reality is that these days due to the continued agression of the Islamic Republic with the world powers, the pressure on Iran’s economy increases. The fact that Mr. president (Ahmadinejad) instead of telling the truth and accepting looming realities that are in no way pleasant, covers his eye and announces that he is not worried, is disturbing and worthy of serious scrutiny. Mr. President, you do not have the right and cannot hide realities. In this situation you only disempower yourself and your position.”

If these comments were made by any citizen of Iran who does not have the protection of the regime, they would be immediately arrested and charged with insulting the president. However, Marashi who is an “insider” enjoys the protection of Hashemi Rafsanjani and his group.

It is worth mentioning that the accusations and the fight between the Islamic regimes’ various Mullahs and their gang members is escalating like never before and the acrimony between them is reaching an unprecedented intensity.

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