Sunday 05 November 2006

Ahmadinejad’s criminal past: the stuff that the Islamic revolution is made of

Iran Press News: The Russian publication Kommersant’s weekly section, in it’s last issue has published a report about the criminal past and biography of Ahmadinejad which is in effect the biography of the Islamic Revolution.

This publication has called Ahmadinejad the most anti-west of the Muslim and Arab leaders and goes on to describe him as the most fanatic of Islamists to have gained notoriety throughout the world.

Kommersant quotes various credulous pro-reformist western sources who blame Ahmadinejad for ruining relations between the Islamic regime and the international community. According to these western politicians, the denial of the holocaust was a blow to European relations with Tehran’s regime.

The Russian publication then details the Islamic regime’s president’s criminal background, as covert operations agent and describes his active involvement in the 1979 U.S. embassy invasion in Tehran and hostage-taking.

After the Iran/Iraq war, the publication writes that Ahmadinejad joined the revolutionary guards and worked his way up to graduating to the most dangerous and “elite” of the corps, the Quds brigade (a.k.a. Jerusalem brigade) and has served as one of the fervent ideological promoters of the Islamic republic.

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