Friday 17 August 2007

Human Rights Monitoring - Iran - 15 august 2007

Youngsters have been arrested in a party

The Iranian official news agency reported 20 more youngsters have been arrested in a dance party in Karaj city of Iran by the Iranian police. Organizing a party is forbidden in Iran by the Islamic government order.

The arrested girls and boys have been sent to the court. More than 230 young men and women have been arrested and beaten in another party in the same city last week by the police.


The Iranian police opened fire to young people in Ahwaz

The police in Ahwaz, south west of Iran, shoot and fired CS gas to a group of young people who demonstrated. A 14 years old adolescent named Mohammad Bashir Hemadi got injured on his right leg.

The boy sent to the hospital but his parents have been banned to visit him. The authorities told them their son is under arrest and will be sent to the court.


Young Iranian man shot to dead

The Iranian police killed a young man who resisted against his arrest in Tehran. The police opened fire to him who tried not to be submitted. Another young man has been arrested in Tehran last night.

In a new operation targeting young people, the Iranian regime labels youngsters “rabble” to arrest and execute them.

The human rights activists in Iran are reporting the young people under arrest in this operation have been sent to a primary prison in Kahrizak, south of Tehran. The youngsters are under pressure and extreme torture to coerce confessions for the actions never done.

Based on the reports by the Iranian human rights activists at least 8 detainees have died due to sickness, torture or hunger.

By the order of the Iranian justice, 3 men accused “fighting against the Islamic government” executed in Zahedan Saturday 11th August.

Abdolaziz A., Abdoljamal Sh. and Aliakbar Sh. have been executed in Zahedan 2 days after another execution in Iranshahr in the same province.

The Iranian regime is planning to execute 12 young men accused “bully” in Kerman. The police head in Kerman announced.

The 2 Iranian-American citizens Haleh Esfandiyari and Kian Tajbakhsh arrested in Iran on May 2007 are in terrible situations.

They are kept still in the solitary confinement in the section 209 of Tehran's Evin prison and they could never meet a lawyer.

One of the ex-political prisoners who have been in the same section in Kian Tajbakhsh’s neighborhood has reported Kian’s psychological situation is critical. He told “Everybody could hear Kian’s painful voice from his cell”.

Haleh Esfandiyari 67 years old after talking in a TV program against herself (coerce confessions) could call her mother from the prison.

She told here: “I have no idea what to do more to be released?”

The Christian News Channel in Iran reported a young Christian man has been arrested following his car crashed into a public service car.

After checking his ID, the police found out the man is a Christian convert from Islam and arrested him immediately.

The Iranian Christian convert has been under pressure and tortured in the prison for 2 days.

An Iranian civilian has shot dead by the Iranian police in a road to Piranshahr in Kurdestan, Iran.

In order to limit the access to the satellite channels in Iran, the regime started sending harmful radio waves to make noises on the TV programs frequencies especially in Mahabad city of Kurdestan.

It has already been proved such waves can cause stillbirth and serious damages on human body. In recent months, the hospitals in Mahabad reported 27 cases of stillbirths.

The arrested Kurd students under torture

Sabah Nasri and Hedayat Ghazali, editorial members of a local student journal who have been arrested in Sanandaj one month ago transferred to an unknown location by the intelligent officers. These two student journalists have been under torture in the past month and their families are not aware of their situations.

Mohammed Hashemi the head of the Iranian teachers’ organization has been sentenced to prison for three years. He has been arrested because of the Iranian teachers’ manifestation in front of the Parliament on 14th March 2007. He jailed in the solitary confinement for 2 weeks until 31st March 2007 in Evin prison.

Mohammed Ghadimi, a member of the organization sentenced to be displaced to South Khorasan province for 5 years. Per Mohammed Khaksari, another member of the organization, he has been informed about the order yesterday morning by the Iranian authorities.

Another educational employee has been ordered to be displaced for 3 years from Marivan to Ardabil province.
He has been sentenced because of organizing a manifestation in March 2007 in favor of the Iranian teachers.

The Zandjani journalist in death risk

Saeid Matinpour, the Zandjani journalist, is under arrest and torture in section 209 Evin prison. This journalist is still in the solitary confinement after 80 days of his arrest and already went into comma several times. It has been reported the investigators are trying to push him to confess he has been spying.

Gashtaseb Vaseghi and Mahmood Aslani, two men from Ardabil who had manifested in front of Ardabil’s prison have been accused of spying and sentenced in the Iranian Revolution court to prison for 4 years.

These men have been arrested by the intelligent officers and tortured in the security services prisons for a few months.

After that they were sent to the Ardabil’s prison and released after 105 days by bail in 1st April 2007.

An ex-intelligent officer under torture in Evin’s 209 section

Mehdi Mousavi, an ex-intelligent officer is under heavy torture in Evin prison’s 209 section.
Mehdi Mousavi who escaped from Iran and stayed in Spain as a refugee, while visiting one of the Arab countries in the Persian Gulf, has been captured and sent back to Iran in a conspiracy.

He is already one month under arrest in Evin’s 209 security section.

Gilan northern province police head announced almost 4.000 women have been arrested because of their dress codes.

He added “the police force arrested 3.925 women and 2.077 of them have been sent to the court”.

AFP reported two executions took place in Taybad city of Khorasan province in this week. AFP indicated at least 170 people have been executed since starting 2007. At the same time, a 20 years old young man in Tehran and three other individuals in tehran have been sentenced to death.

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