Friday 24 August 2007

Human Rights Monitoring - Iran - 22 august 2007

280 arrested in wedding celebrations

The police head in Tehran announced people should be careful about organizing parties and celebrations that males and females are mixed. The police will arrest and send them to the court in this case. He said the police already discovered 21 places where such parties have been set up and arrested 280 individuals from the wedding (mixed) celebrations.


Hundreds of young boys stopped

The Iranian police in Tehran reported they noticed 254 young boys because of their dress code (wearing strange clothes) or hair styles.


Women’s clothes’ confiscation

The police in Tehran will confiscate the clothes of the ladies who arrested due to their hijab.

The ladies’ families should bring them an Islamic dress in order to release them. Their clothes will not be returned in order to prevent reusing them by their owners.


Police shut down Tehran hairdressers

Tehran police have shut down 24 hairdressing salons for both men and women across the capital in the past 15 days, apparently for breaking public-decency.
The head of the police vice department, told the reporters: "these places had acted outside the set norms." He cited some of the "norms" the shops had violated, including a ban on plucking eyebrows in men’s barber shops and tattooing.


An Azeri lawyer kidnapped in Karadj

Saleh Kamrani a well known Azerbaijani lawyer and human rights defender aged about 35 returning from a marriage party in Karaj, has been kidnapped. There is no sign of where he is and what he is convicted for.

Mr. Kamrani is working on the document of many Azerbaijani political prisoners and the “Shams-e-Tabriz” the banned newspaper in Azerbaijan.

He has been arrested in June 2006 in connection with his activities and jailed for a few months in Evin and the Ministry of Intelligence prisons.


Dr. Hesam Firouzi sentenced to one year in prison

Mr. Hesam Firouzi human rights activist and Ahmad Batebi's doctor (the student in jail) accused to impeding national security and informing media about bad conditions of political prisoners sentenced to one year in prison. He is waiting for another process related to treating Ahmad Batebi.

Mr. Younes Zareion, one of the student activists in Tabriz university sentenced to 6 months in prison.


Human rights activist disappeared

Mr. Abdullah Abbasi Javan has been disappeared since last Sunday. He might be arrested by the intelligent officers. Abbasi Javan aged 36 is an engineer, a member of the Iranian Engineers' Association, professor in university and a human rights activist.


Kurd human rights activist in death risk

Mr. Muhammed Sedigh Kiodvand, the responsible for the “Kurdestan human rights organization” jailed in section 209 of Evin prison reported the prison keepers moved two dangerous prisoners into his cell.

He protested against this decision and cited the cell is not safe for him.

He is in solitary confinement during the past 50 days.


2 years jail for an educational activist

The Iranian revolutionary court in Sanandaj sentenced an educational activist to 2 years in prison.


The executions continue all over Iran

Based on the official reports at least 12 people were executed in different places of Iran.

4 in Zahedan, 1 in Shiraz and 3 young men in Saveh are amongst the executed persons.


Qazvin: The public lashings

A man aged 25 has been beaten 80 lashes in public by the order of an Iranian religious court. The UK based DailyMail newspaper published the news and 2 pictures from the wild punishment scene.

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