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Human Rights Monitoring - Iran – 04 October 2007

Shahrzad news: One of Osanlou's relative reported his wife in her last visit has considered Osanlou's left eye lost a high percentage of its sight and his face was gonflated.

Parvaneh Osanlou , the wife of "head of the executive committee of the Syndicate of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company" told his husband remains very strong in each case and resists against the regime. In his last meeting with judge "Haddad", intelligence deputy of Tehran court of justice, he refused to talk and insisted to have his syndicate legal rights.

Jail and lashes sentences for the persons who do not do Ramadan

Irna: The Iranian fanatic regime sentences jail and lashes for the person who does not respect Ramadan and eat or drink in the public or even private places.

Said Keshvari Baghan, one of the Iranian judicial authority told media it would not be necessary such persons to be seen at public places.

He told Basij and Police officers are the main sources who can arrest a person that does not respect Ramadan.

He added: "If they find somebody who eats or drinks, even in a private place, they are allowed to arrest him or her. The individual will be sentenced 10 to 60 days jail and 74 lashes".

Stoning verdict for a woman in Mashhad

Qods newspaper: A woman in Mashhad has been sentenced to stoning for having sex outside marriage. The man involved in this relationship has been sentenced to 100 lashes.

Intelligence officers raided a house in Marivan

Kurdestan Human Rights organization: The Iranian intelligence officers raided a house in Marivan and arrested 6 individuals. Three of them tried to escape and officers opened fired on them that injured 2 of them and killed the 3rd person named Mohammed Bastami. His body has not been transferred to his family yet.

Azerbaijan Human Rights activists: Amir Abbas Banay Kazemi, political activist has been sentenced to 2 years prison after 4 months of custody in revolution court of Tabriz.

Nightly raids against social activists and cane factory workers in HaftTapeh

Human rights activists: Wednesday night intelligent officers raided to Feridoun Nikofard’s place, a labor activist. Since he was not at his place, they ordered his family to find and request him to show himself in one hour.

The Iranian intelligent officers also crashed the cane factory workers manifestation in HaftTapeh using baton nightstick and injured many of them. Some of the workers’ injuries reported as considerable. Many workers have been caught and no body knows their location.

Hand cut off in Mashhad

ISNA news agency: The Iranian justice cut off 4 individuals’ hands in Mashhad. They have been charged to rubbery.

Mashhad’s deputy of magistrate announced this news. Mr. Peyman Rad told media 4 thieves well known to judiciary system and charged several times to theft, finally have been sentenced to hand cut and yesterday the decision has been executed.

35 youngsters arrested in a marriage party

ISNA news agency: Sari magistrate in north of Iran announced 35 young girls and boys arrested in a marriage party. He added everybody who let the others to organize a marriage party in their place will be involved in the guilt as well.

Execution in Iran

Frankfurter Allgemeine reports during the past 2 years (after Ahmadinejad’s presidency) at least 450 persons have been executed in Iran.
If the last two months executions should be considered, the number of executions will be more than 500 in 2 years.

Execution of lashing sentence in Mashhad

Entekhab news agency: A 23 years old man was beaten 100 lashes in public due to his “anti-moral” actions.

The decision has been executed at 7.30 am in Beheshti city of Mashhad in front of judicial authorities and the police.

43,000 arrested because of hijab in Mazandaran province, Iran

Shahrzad news: Mehdi Tavakoli, the regime’s police head in Mazandaran, officially announced 43 thousand individuals have been arrested during past months due to their dress code.

Revolutionary court in Iran tightened its decision against a journalist

Human rights activists in Iran: the 6th branch of revolutionary court in Iran sentenced a journalist Hassan Fallahiyeh to 3 years of prison and a fine equal to 30,000 US$

Mr. Fallahiyeh is an Iranian Arab journalist. He is the editor in chief of the seized newspaper “Aghlam-Al-Talabeh” and ex-employee (fired) of Al-Alam governmental international TV. He had interviews with foreign media such as Almostaghbal (Lebanon) and radio Dubai.

Two years prison for a member of teachers syndicate

The Iranian teachers syndicate: Alireza Akbari a member of the organization sentenced to 2 years prison by the revolutionary court of Tehran.

The Iranian teachers syndicate: The head of Kermanshah’s teachers syndicate has been remanded to the revolutionary court.

He has been ordered to introduce himself to the section 10 of the revolutionary court of Kermanshah in 2 days after the reception of the order.

A women rights activist remanded to the revolutionary court

ISNA news agency: The lawyer of Mahbobeh Abasgholizadeh announced his client has been remanded to revolutionary court.

Mohemmed Mostafaei told his client has been asked to be present in the 2nd branch of the security section of the revolutionary court.

Per Mr. Mostafaei, she has to go there in 3 days. She has been accused to act against the security of the country.

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