Sunday 07 November 2010

Iraqi operatives sent away after explosion in IRGC base

Iranian security apparatus investigation has proven beyond doubt that the huge explosion that occurred at 11:00 on 12 October at an IRGC weapons depot on the Imam Ali base in Lorestan, was a result of a terror attack against the regime and the IRGC, whose members have recently been violating civil rights.

18 people were killed in the explosion, including seven IRGC soldiers and an IRGC officer with the rank of Sarhang. 12 others were injured, two of them seriously. According to a reliable source, the bomb was hidden close to the base, in a dense and mountainous area. The fire spread rapidly and led to the explosion of operational components belonging to the SSM unit stationed at the base.

According to the investigation, the rescue services found it difficult to put out the fire, due to the large amount of ammunition at the site and successive explosions. This explains the relatively large number of victims and the incident's lethal outcome.

The victims' families complained about the delay in the arrival of the rescue services and the evacuation of the wounded to hospital in Khoramabad, which was responsible for some of the deaths. Due to security considerations, it took a long time for the IRGC to allow the medical teams to enter the site, since they waited until secret components had been removed from the area of the explosion.

This led to deterioration in the condition of the wounded. The investigation report ordered by the IRGC air force commander, Sartip Amir Hajizadeh, mentioned in a special chapter the presence of terror operatives from Iraq at the base.

The Iraqi operatives were sent away immediately after the explosion to prevent anyone from linking Iran with terror in Iraq, were the Iraqis' presence on the base to be discovered. Publicly, the regime is still hiding the true facts, claiming that the incident was caused by no more than a wildfire. Indeed?

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