Sunday 30 December 2012

Iran Continues to Buy Time on Nuclear Issue

In regard to the Dec. 28 Letter from Ailreza Miryousefi, press officer of the Iran's mission to the U.N., Mr. Miryousef must not be listening to his leaders when he claims that the enrichment of uranium past nuclear-plant requirements is only for peaceful purposes. The Iranian government has made clear countless times that its ultimate goal is the destruction of Israel. What is the most convenient method for this agenda? Obviously, long-range missiles equipped with nuclear warheads.

North Korea and Russia have supplied the nuclear knowledge for the bomb, North Korea for the long-range missiles. Now all that is required is the time that Iran has been buying by alternately stating it will negotiate and then saying no unless sanctions are completely lifted. Iran's leaders are willing to dissemble about their real goals when it comes to wringing concessions.

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