Monday 11 March 2013

The fear of the 'Sect and Religious Institute in Qom'

IOPHRI - The fear of the mafia group “The Sect and Religious Institute in Qom” under the leadership of Javad Mehrabi due to the exposure of their crimes against humanity by the International Organisation to Preserve Human Rights in Iran (IOPHRI)

“ The Sect and Religious Institute in Qom” who are wearing the outfit of clergies, have shown their anger and fear of the human right activities by HRIran and the 24-hour activities of Dorr TV.

The interview by ‘Farda Media’ with Javad Mehrabi, demonstrates the false accusations and misleading information given by him about the human rights activities of HRIran and Dorr TV: Farda Media interview with Javad Mehrabi, the head of ‘the Sect and Religious Institute in Qom’ (‘Feragh Va Adyan’) on 9th of March 2013:

Interview heading: “The projects which are establishing and forming sects inside of Iran are being managed from outside of the country.”

As reported on ‘Bultan News’, according to the Farda website, various satellite networks and Internet websites, who are against the Islamic Revolution of Iran, have started to attack the ‘Sect and Religious Institute’ (Feragh Va Adyan) and the head of this institution who is Javad Mehrabi. The satellite programs, such as Voice Of America, DorrTV and Raham have made most of the attacks. Despite their name, so-called “protecting and preserving human rights”, they have made statements against the ‘Religious and sect Institute ’ (Feragh Va Adyan) and want this institution to be shut down. For this reason, the “Farda” website has interviewed the director of this institution, Javad Mehrabi.

In your opinion, what is the reason that the media outside of Iran, who are against the Islamic Revolution of Iran, are opposing the ‘Sect and Religious Institute’ and what is their aim in being against this institution?

‫Javad Mehrabi :The most important reason for these attacks is the fact that we are so active in battling against such deviant sects. By revealing some of the betrayals committed by the heads of misleading sects, who are against Islam and the Islamic Revolution, less people are influenced towards their sects, and this is the most important reason for there attacks.

Who are managing these attacks?

Javad Mehrabi :The most important planners of these attacks are the secret agents of France, Mr Azmayesh the representative of Gonabadi Dervishes in Europe and Dian Alayi, the representative of the deviated Sects of Bahai’s. There are some other people also against the Regime of Iran such as Zara Nourani, Moustafa Sarshar and others who are betraying Iran and Iranians. There are also some people inside of Iran who are cooperating with Mr Azmayesh and Ms Alayi by collecting and sending them information.

Mr Azmayesh, the representative of the Gonabadi Dervishes in Europe, has stated that you are responsible for all the actions of injustice and suppression that have been taken against various religious diversity groups in Iran and demands the judiciary system of Iran and the international institutions to take action against you. What do you think the reason for his statement against you is?

Javad Mehrabi :First of all Mr. Azmayesh is not a representative of the Gonabadi Dervishes, he is an official secret agent of the French Foreign Intelligence Service and many of the dervishes are strongly distressed by his political activities and are against his actions.

The activities of “ The Sect and Religious Institute in Qom” has disclosed the true face of Mr Azmayesh, who is a traitor to his own country and people, and that is the main reason he is attacking us.

The “Sects and Religions Institute” is a cultural institution whose task is to defend the ideals of Islam and the Islamic Revolution of Iran, and will be in a cultural battle with any deviation and sectarianism.

In your opinion how do you analyze the cult activities in the past few years in Iran?

Javad Mehrabi :Although the volume of the enemy’s investments on misleading sects in Iran has increased, the many efforts of responsible institutions in Iran, such as cultural activities, have however reduced the tendency for people to join these different sects, and many of these sects are facing legitimacy crisis. As a result of our activities against the misleading sects and false mysticism, a large reduction of affiliates have occurred, and the tendency to join these sects have dropped. With lack of public interest, Baha’ism, false Mysticism, Evangelical Christianity and Gonabadi Dervishes have suffered the most reduction in numbers.

So it is natural that they attack the people who are against them.

this is a translation of an article of insideofiran(farsi)

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