Thursday 25 December 2014

Israeli Foreign Ministry workers to learn Persian

The Foreign Ministry's Training department intends to open Persian language courses for Israeli diplomats and the ministry's employees, it was reported Wednesday. The initiative is part of the goals outlined by the ministry for 2015, which include thwarting Iran's nuclear program at the diplomatic level, maintaining sanctions against Iran, forming regional alliances against the Iranian ayatollahs' regime, highlighting Iran's involvement in supporting terrorism and destabilizing regimes in the region.

The Foreign Ministry's Israeli employees are routinely expected to focus diplomatic and intelligence efforts against Iran's nuclear program. Israeli diplomats worldwide play an important role in obtaining information about Iran's nuclear progress and about the international community's efforts regarding the issue of sanctions.

Foreign Ministry officials were not sure if the workers would be interesting in learning Persian, considering that at most they would use the language when involved in contacts with Iranian opposition sources or while engaged in public relations efforts on the Foreign Ministry's website in Persian.

However, when the ministry published a notice informing employees of the course, the response was surprisingly enthusiastic. The first course is set to begin soon.

"The purpose of the course is to provide additional tools for employees who deal with the issue. The studies will take place once a week for 20 weeks," an internal document circulated among the employees said.

Ten diplomats are expected to attend the first course, and several others will be taking a distant learning course. The course will be taught by a professional teacher from the Berlitz language center.

"Leaning languages is an essential element in the work of Israeli diplomats. The Foreign Ministry invests in professional and diverse training experiences and learning Persian falls in that category," said Lior Keinan, head of the Ministry's training department.

Approximately two years ago, the Foreign Ministry offered its employees a virtual tour of Iran. The initiative, promoted by the diplomatic planning unit in the ministry, aimed to acquaint the ministry's staff with the beautiful side of the Islamic Republic and its rich and diverse history.


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