Friday 07 August 2015

Imprisonment Sentences of 6 Protesters Upheld by the Appeal Court

HRANA News Agency – The sentence of more than twenty-three years imprisonment for six of those who were arrested during a protest against the attack on ward 350 of Evin prison, has been upheld precisely by the Court of Appeal.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Branch 36 of the Tehran Province Appeals Court, presided by Judge Zargar, confirmed the imprisonment sentences for 6 protesters to attack on ward 350 of Evin prison which is called “Black Thursday”.

Amir Raisian, lawyer of Milad Pour Eisa, one of the defendants of this case, confirmed the ruling and told HRANA’s reporter, “This verdict after being confirmed by the appeal court, was sent to primitive chamber to follow the implementation process.”

Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court, presided by Judge Salvati, by holding a hearing for the case of these six defenders in February, without legal representation and without giving them a time for giving evidence, sentenced them to a total of 23 years and nine months imprisonment. Milad Poor Eisa was sentenced to 75 months (6 years and 3 months) and the rest of them were sentenced to 42 months imprisonment each, (three and a half years for each of them).

HRANA’s sources had already announced the arrest of 7 people who were alleged with involvement in protests against the attack in ward 350 of Evin prison. Sohrab Salehin, Nadi Sabooti, Milad Pour Eisa, Javad Mohajeri, Setareh Davoodi, and Ahmad Reza Haeri are those people’s names and there is no information available about the identity and the sentence against the seventh person.

Prisoners in ward 350 of Evin Prison were beaten on 17th April last year. The Special Guard by accusation of inspecting the ward, attacked the prisoners, beat and wounded them, and transferred many of them to solitary confinement and exile and made new cases against them.

Following this event, families of prisoners in ward 350 of Evin Prison, held some rallies in front of the Parliament, the Prosecutor General and the President’s Office in Pasteur Street. After the gathering in front of President’s Office, Ismaili president of Prisons Department, whom was known as the main person in charge of the attack to prisoners, by a mandate from Amolie Larijani, the head of the judiciary, was assigned as Tehran’s prosecutor.

Gathering in front of the parliament and the prosecutor general office had no detainees. In the gathering in front of the presidential office, seven of the participants were arrested by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. All the detainees without charges were held in ward 2A of Evin Prison, which belongs to the Revolutionary Guards.

In addition to these people, during the “Black Thursday”, a large number of prisoners in ward 350 faced various charges and for several of them, imprisonment sentences was issued.

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