Saturday 29 October 2016

600,000 repatriates need urgent aids

Over 600000 Afghan refugees have repatriated in current solar year from Iran and Pakistan to Afghanistan. MoRR says that if they are not assisted, a complicated problem will emerge that its prevention would be impossible.

According to NUG officials, these Afghan refugees need urgent assistance. For this purpose the international community was requested to make full investment in this sector. Insecurity, unemployment and repatriation of refugees are those problems that their control is difficult to the afghan authorities. IDPs and repatriates need emergency assistance. They lack everything to spend days and nights.

Their children are deprived of educations. They lack medical facilities and services. The Afghan government is obliged to accommodate them in such away to safe them from cold.
While over one million countrymen were forced to leave their dewilling and home villages due to increasing insurgencies, concerns are raising on repatriating refugees. The IDPs have taken refugee to other provinces. Kunduz, Helmand, Faryab, Farah as well as Nangarhar are those provinces, that due to wars and insurgencies people from their some parts and districts have been forced to take refugee and displace from their native villages to other adjacent provinces, who are currently living on the streets and under blue sky with no shelter. On the threshold of cold, their problem would be further increased and if these problems are not dealt, it would cause catastrophe in winter.

Sometimes, the neighboring countries intensify expulsion of refugees during winter intentionally. The Afghan government in order to safe its nationals in these countries, has to accept some demands of these countries. But this time, the Afghan government has taken full preparations that if these refugees repatriate to their homeland, except in case of big problems, they would continue their life in their country.

In Pachiragan district, Nangarhar province large number of families left their home villages due to wars. These IDPs who have come to the vicinity of the city, have saved only their children under their arms and reached themselves to secure places. The local authorities of Nangarhar province have said that assistance are going on with these IDPs but they lack sufficient resources to meet all requirements of IDPs.

At the same time, the officials of CE office said that proportionate approach should take place with the process of refugees repatriation. First, conditions should be paved and grounds of volunteer repatriation should be available to refugees. Similarly, talks should talks place with host countries of Iran.

Pakistan as well as European countries that Afghan refugees should be repatriated with no compulsion.

At present the Afghan refugees in Iran and Pakistan are at close quarters with many problems. Their shops have been closed. Large number of refugees cannot use electricity and e-mails and other facilities and their mobile phones SIM cards have been disqualified.
According to an agreement of the Afghan government with the EU authorities, its expected that forty percent of over 250000 Afghan refugees would be repatriated to Afghanistan. Out of over seven million Afghan refugees, five million are currently living in Iran and Pakistan who are at close quarters with serious problems and they are not approached as refugee but approached politically. Whenever these countries want to impose their demands upon the Afghan government, they exert pressure on refugees, and force them to repatriate to their home country.

While bloody wars are going on in different parts of the country, concerns are expressed on Afghan refugees. Insurgents are intensifying their attacks day by day in Helmand and plan to relocate insurgents sanctuaries and hideouts and training centers from Pakistan into Afghanistan. But the ANSF assure people that insurgents and their supporters would never achieve this goal.


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