Sunday 06 November 2016

Coordination Between Iran Regime and Terrorist Organizations

There is a strategic coordination between the Iranian regime and terrorist groups with any religion. This coordination is no secret to anyone. Comments of two analysts in an interview with Al-Arabiya TV on October 31, 2016:

Al-Arabiya TV: Saudi security forces in a preventive measure prosecuted 9 people who were trying to carry out terrorist operations. Why both the Houthi militias and terrorist groups are targeting Saudi Arabia?

Dr. Muhammad Al-Mashouh, Saudi analyst: “This synergy is clear. There is a goal around which they agree, a goal that wants to disrupt Saudi’s security... This alliance is the result of a common goal that exists between them.”

“There is cooperation between the regime in Iran and terrorist groups. The Iranian regime also cooperates with armed Sunni militias. It is rooted in the past that is in the 90s when the first meeting between al-Qaeda’s bin Laden and the Iranian regime was held [in Khartoum].”

“In 1993, in Khartoum, Imad Mughniyeh and Turabi and Mohammad Bagher Zolghadr, Chief of Staff of Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), were present in the meeting …The Iranian regime is an ally of (allies itself with) anyone and any party that wants to create chaos in Saudi Arabia or the region.”

“Since then, it was clearly revealed that the main center of al-Qaeda and its largest material and financial supporter in all these years has been the regime in Iran. These are not just words, even the U.S. was aware and all the intelligence agencies knew this. Everyone knows that Iran regime was and still is the main center of al-Qaeda organization settlement. Some names (of al-Qaeda operatives) have been raised and they are in Iran. So if their goal is the same why shouldn’t they ignore some issues like religious differences?”

Dr. Suleiman Al-Akili, Saudi analyst: “Strategic coordination exists between terrorist organizations and Iran regime. Masters of these terrorists, both in Iran and Iraq, are leading them.”


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