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2007 Saturday 06 January

Tehran’s electricity may be cut off

The regime-run news agency, MEHR reported: The director of Tehran’s regional electricity company said that given the current trend in energy consumption in the country, with the restrictions on gas power plants and on supply liquid fuels, the possibility of Tehran’s electricity being cut off is now quite high.

Fattaah said that from late November, due to high consumption, the primary fuel-gas of the power plants have been cut off and at present power plants in order to produce the needed electricity for Tehran, are using liquid fuels.

He stressed that currently the fuel of the Tehran power plants is liquid fuels and 24 million liters is used daily.

Fattaah said that currently only 40% of the storage tanks are filled with liquid fuels for the power plants and consequently reserves of the Tehran province power plant where liquid fuels are concerned, are short.

He emphasized that currently the volume of available liquid fuel reserves is 200 million liters; if the proper amount of liquid fuel is not delivered it can create long-term black outs in the greater Tehran province.

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