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2006 Thursday 14 December

Even the dead get to participate in the Islamic regime’s election

Iran Press News: Saeed Aboudi, deputy of legal affairs and birth records organization in an interview with the daily newspaper Tehran’eh Emrooz reported that the lack of voided birth certificates of a considerable percent of the dead to be a serious problem of the organization. The i.d.’s and birth certificates of the dead are bought and sold, their their photos are then removed and used for various things such as elections. Aboudi said: “To participate in the election the i.d.’s must have photos and polling branches officials must compare the photo with the individual who has shown up to vote and is presenting the i.d. and in the case of any misuse [of the i.d.], the authorities are legally bound to properly address the issue.”

According to this official, there have been reports that in some areas in big cities buying and selling of national i.d. cards is taking place. Aboudi says: “All Iranians inside the country were allowed to participate in the election of the council of guardians leadership and the city council and based on our estimates, the number of eligible voters in this election is 46 million 593 thousand and 42 people.”

An eye witness to a sale of these i.d. cards, who contacted a local newspaper in the north eastern city of Ardebil, reported that the i.d. cards and birth certificates are being sold at 30 thousand Toomans (approximately $33 U.S.).

Conspicuously however, the Islamic regime’s disciplinary forces say that so far no no such offense has been reported. Additionally any attempt to interview the deputy interior minister in charge of records and registration affairs regarding this matter has had no results; this authority has refused to meet with or give interviews to newspapers.

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