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2007 Wednesday 31 January

A statement on the status of anti-regime dissident Mullah Kazemeini-Boroujerdi after 4 months in prison

A statement by a group of student supporters of Ayatollah Seyed Hussein Kazemeini-Boroujerdi reads: He is one of the clerical leaders of the campaign against ‘polluting’ politics with religion. He who has refused to cooperate with the Mullah royalty over the years has endured the worst kinds of offenses, put under unspeakable pressure and received the most horrifying threats, propaganda and torture, now needs international attention in order to assist in ejecting the tyrants ruling over Iran. This dissatisfied champion has many friends and supporters across the country. Though this spiritual man who has been viciously abused by the dictators and has stood up to the regime, for the nation, is being put under a sort of censorship and media prohibition; the ministry of information and security has categorically prohibited all domestic news outlet and member of the press from publishing any news about him or his actions. All of this nonconformist scholar’s scientific, spiritual and public relations activities was shut down by force, threats of guns and massacre which clearly shows the ruling Mullahs’ fear. This action also clarifies the fact that they have absolutely no support among the people and that the public acceptance of critical scholars and activists is definite and decisive.

The regime agents stormed his house on Sunday, July 30th, 2006 in order to arrest and kill this independent figure; however they were confronted with people who defended him and that was a clear sign of their failure. From that day, his house took the shape of a military garrison and he came under the protection of the people. As a result, at the order of the supreme leader, the disciplinary and plain-clothes Basiji forces, armed with various kinds of guns and modern weaponry attacked this spiritual mentors’ house, on October 8th which coincided with an evening during the month of Ramadan; they invaded the premises and massacred a large number of his supporters who were fasting as an observance of Ramadan. They murdered hundreds of people, severely beat and injured many more and abominably violated decent women and girls. All of this has been covered up by the Islamic regime and has been put under a kind of news censorship. Even those individuals who were informed of this via news from the Voice of America or the Radio Voice of Iran (which is broadcast from Los Angeles) came to this spiritual man’s aid; the regime even banned those media sources in order to prohibit any assistance.

Mullah Kazemeini-Boroujerdi has been detained in the infamous ward 209 of Evin prison which is controlled and supervised by the guards and agents of the ministry of intelligence and security and has been under the most horrifying of tortures and threats; they want to force him into making false confessions in front of their cameras, saying that he is ashamed of his actions, that he is not a cleric and that he was out to bamboozle people all along.

We hereby request that the world assist us in preventing the bloodthirsty Islamic regime from carrying out it’s evil plans to murder Mullah Kazemeini-Boroujerdi; we ask for the safety and security of this home-loving champion and call on all those who are against tyranny to support the ejection of the dictatorship that has gripped Iran.

Censorship and the suppression of the news has prevented any free action and proper mention of the facts; and at the moment the Islamic regime has taken to it’s usual form of Taghiyeh*. Therefore we hope that fair observers and critics will come to the aid of this selfless activist by dispatching the news and events to others. We ask for the cooperation of all those who support the way to freedom for the people of Iran.

* Taghiyeh is the sanctioned "holy lie" or dissimulation, encouraged for the purpose of defending Islam and misrepresenting it if necessary for infidels; from the verb Etteghu, which linguistically means, to dodge the threat. Politically it means simulate whatever status you need in order to win the war against the enemy. This is an absolute methodology of the Islamic regime.

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