Saturday 31 December 2011

Iranian women banned from kick boxing in Iran

According to new orders, from now on women are banned from participating in all kinds of sport competitions that are held in rings including kick boxing and Muay Thai and federations who cover these sports have to pay close attention to this issue.

Marzieh Akbar Abadi, the Women’s Sports Assistant in the Ministry of Sports confirmed this report and said, “From sports held in rings, only kick boxing and Muay Thai are active in Iran and based on research into this matter, women are banned from participating in these two sports”.

“In light of the violence in these sports, the danger it poses for the health of women who are to become future mothers, also the way the competitions are held, the kind of audience it has and the programs that are held before and after the competitions and in general the culture of these kinds of sports and the fact that it is inconsistent with Islamic culture and our Iranian culture, this decision was taken”, she said regarding the reason behind the ban. (Mehr state-run News Agency)

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